Tying Classes & Events

-Call 615-341-0420 or email the shop flysouth@bellsouth.net to sign up for classes-

Weekend with Dec Hogan:

Dec is back! We have been workingto get Dec back for a couple of years.  Now that we have him, we have packed the weekend with classes and events.

Dec over the years has designed rods for Echo, and fly lines for Airflo. He has written, and continues to write for, many of North America’sFly Fishing publications, is an accomplished photographer and is one of the world’s foremost sought after spey casting instructors. Dec has starred in both spey casting and fly tying instructional DVD’s as well as authoring the highly acclaimed must-have book,A Passion for Steelhead, 2006.  His most recent voluminous book Steelhead Flies Art and Design, 2107, co-authored with Marty Howard is destined to be a classic.

Saturday May 18th, 9am-2pm Cost $150.00

Tying Steelhead Flies:  Limited to Seven Students

Tie-Along with Dec Hogan. A hands-on tying class where you will have a chance to tie some fabulous Steelhead flies with Dec. During this 4 hours class, Dec will methodically walk you through step-by-step as you learn techniques that can be applied to an infinite number of steelhead flies.  This class will cover the art and design of creating beautiful steelhead flies. Dec will patiently and methodically take you step-by-step through the construction of each pattern. Materials included 

Saturday May 18th 4pm-6:30pm

Book signing and meet and greet:

If you haven’t purchased Dec’s new book “Steelhead Fly Tying” Art & Design, now is your chance.  It has been sitting on my tying bench since its release!  If you already have it or any other of Dec’s books, come have a drink, and a chat, and get them signed.

Sunday May 19th Cost $200.00

Two Handed casting class: Limited to Six Students

Morning Session 8am-12pm, Beginners 

Afternoon Session 1pm-5pm, Intermediate 

  “This class covers many conceptual aspects and philosophies that apply to all styles and methods of two-handed casting. It is designed to put the caster at ease with a clear and simple understanding of how to cast in any situation and be creative with our casts without “fearing” the cast. I cover, in depth, 6 of the most popular casts and how to “create” new casts when necessary. 

Also included is an hour-long fishing demo that shows how I cover the water in search of steelhead. From the start of the run to the end, casting angles, reading water, dry line fishing, sink-tip application, presentation, how to securely hook the fish (or not!) how steelhead react to the fly (as witnessed by watching first-hand over a thousand steelhead move to a fly), how to step through a run, etc. etc. All questions will be answered, So bring them with!” 


-Call 615-341-0420 or email the shop flysouth@bellsouth.net to sign up for classes-