Trips & Instruction

Guide Service Rates

Full Day Cold or Warm Water

Two Anglers: $575.00 / One Angler: $475.00

Includes lunch, terminal tackle and flies.

Additional angler add $75.00. Maximum three anglers per guide.

Half Day Cold or Warm Water: $475.00

Includes terminal tackle and flies. Rate is for one or two anglers.

Additional angler add $75.00. Maximum three anglers per guide.

Casting Instruction – $100.00 per hour

About Our Trips

The Fishing:

We are fortunate to be located in Middle Tennessee, as it provides incredible fishing diversity. Opportunities abound from tailwater trout fishing, warm water river, stream, and lake fishing, as well as exclusive private warm water fishing for trophy fish. When it comes to fishing, if it swims, we fish for it! We have many choices to offer every level of angler.

The Experience:

Your day on the water with a guide from Fly South is designed to maximize your enjoyment.  Guide trips can be instructional…or we can just go out and help you catch fish.  Part school, part fishing, our trips will build your fundamental fly fishing skills, expand your understanding of local entomology, work the kinks out of your presentation, or help you get rid of that annoying tailing loop.  Let us know what we can do to maximize your enjoyment on the water and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you.

Our guide trips include everything you’ll need for your day on the water. Our full day trips include lunch and beverages on stream.  Do you have dietary restrictions or other special needs?  Please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Rods and wading equipment can be provided upon request.

Our Guides:

We strive to provide our clients with friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained guides whose primary focus is you. Our guides are experienced fisherman with extensive knowledge of local waters, hatches, and techniques.

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