Gear Upgrade Program

Let us help you get out of your old, outdated equipment, and into some new gear!

We know our customers are always interested upgrading into the new fly fishing equipment, and we also understand this isn’t always practical when you already have gear that is suiting your needs. So we created a program to help you get out of the old, and into the new. Whether it’s a piece of equipment you never use, or a rod that just doesn’t meet your needs any more, bring it in and let us do all the leg work and help you turn your unwanted gear into store credit.

Here’s how works:

– Print out our Gear Upgrade Program and fill it out.

-Bring in the equipment you’d like to sell, the completed Gear Upgrade form. If you live outside of the Nashville area, you can simply ship us your gear along with the completed form. Once your shipment has been processed, email us to let us know your gear is on its way, and provide us with the associated tracking number for our records. Please ship all equipment to the following address:

Fly South
Attn: Gear Upgrade
115 19th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

– Once we’ve received your gear, we’ll do some research and give you a quote of what it is worth based on current eBay sales. This quote is based upon our expertise and knowledge of fly fishing gear, as well as our experience selling used fishing gear on eBay.

– We will then sell your gear on eBay where we are noted as TallAngler. Items will be listed with professional quality photos, and their value will be thoroughly researched to ensure you get the most money for your gear.

– Once the item sells, we will notify you of the sale price and place these funds in a store credit account here at the shop. These can be used when purchasing goods at the store or over the phone.

So what will this cost you? NOTHING! That’s the beauty of this program; we do all the work for you. The only money that will be deducted from the sale price is any eBay and PayPal fees associated with the transaction, and shipping costs. It would cost you the same amount of money to list your item on the internet yourself, but by letting us do it, you get the added exposure of your item being listed on our eBay profile. Plus, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your gear will be sold in a professional manner, and that we will make every effort to ensure you get the highest value for your unwanted gear. Ultimately, we just want to earn your trust and patronage by serving our customers in every way possible to the best of our ability.