Fishing Report


Fishing Report

as of 5/1/19

Caney Fork River:

The Center Hill generation schedule has finally backed down and the big sluice the ACOE was running has been turned off.  The trout fishing has been slow which, is typical when big water changes over to low water.  An early striper bite has been strong the last three weeks on the high water.  The water release changes might send them back out to the main river.  We will just have to wait and see.

Cumberland River, KY:

Generation, Generation. Generation,  like the Caney lots of water since October!  The 50,000 CFS that ran for two weeks in February did a number on the upper boat ramps.  The ramp at the dam will most likely be out all season,  Winfrey’s also sustained some damaged, we are hearing Helms is no worse than normal.  We have been trying to take a buzz up and access for ourselves, and also get a timeline on repairs.  Hatchery continues to be a gem, but the fish are starting to get wise because pressure was high all fall and winter because it was the only game around.

Elk River:

The water release has gone back to not wadeable because the TVA has turned on a sluice of 1200 CFS.  The river had been fishing great, good numbers with some size mixed in.  Also the fish have not been to picky.  Wooly Buggers and Stick bugs in olive, black. white, thin mint have produced quite well.  Caddis action some days had some fish looking up.   Pheasant tails and mid-sized prince nymphs have produced as well.

Duck River:

Duck trout fishing has been good not great, but water level has been right where we like it.  Guac stick bugs have been the winner.   Smallmouth lower down on the river is getting better everyday. Rain events has been the only reason not to go.  Crayfish patterns has smoked the fish,  and lately they have been willing to chase some bigger streamers.

Hiwassee River:

No reports

Holston River:

No reports

South Holston and Watauga Rivers:

No reports

Clinch River:

The generation schedule has been good lately and so has the fishing.   Sulphurs are starting, and make sure to have plenty of split back nymphs.  Also there is still some caddis days so have some dark winded olive body dries in size #16-18.

Obey River:

Water has been kicked back up.

Mountain Streams:

Best spring for bigger fish and good numbers!  Caddis, Cahills.

J. Percy Priest Lake:

Hybrid fishing has been steady.  Panfish will go on bed anyway now.

Old Hickory Lake:

No reports

Harpeth River and Its Tributaries:

if the river isn’t chocolate brown and wadable the smallmouth bite has been good.  Streamers and olive crayfish have been the money.