Fishing Report


Fishing Report

as of 8/25/2018

Caney Fork River:

The weekday generation schedule has typically let fishermen wade until late morning and plenty of wading opportunities on the weekend. With the warm weather continuing, be cautious of  high water temps and go fish for something else if the water temps get above 68 degrees. Fish are being caught on small dries and very small midges (purple, olive, red, black, and chocolate) and nymphs (rainbow warriors, princes, crappadan, and wooly buggers). Hoppers need to be thrown to high riding fish along the banks.

Cumberland River, KY:

Generation has been good for boaters with wide windows of no generation, wade fishermen need to be cautious of where the water is (flies; big stones, zebra midges, rainbow warriors, copper johns, hares ears, trip savers and streamers are productive when water is running). Hatchery Creek has been fishing really well as long as you can get a good dead drift, euro nymphing has been extremely productive (flies; scuds, midges, and rainbow warriors)

Elk River:

The water release has backed down to offer wadable water and the fishing has been good. Try your best to float and find fish that aren’t heavily pressured at access points. (flies; Purple zebras, Chicago flies, rainbow warriors, small dries, soft hackles and purple prince nymphs).

Duck River:

The generation schedule has backed down to offer plentiful wading opportunities. Lots of fish being caught on dries, you will also catch a lot of bluegill and chances for nice smallmouth so be ready for a great day.

Hiwassee River:

The generation schedule has finally backed down to offer plentiful wading opportunities, be cautious of generator starting up with fall rains. Blue wings should be abundant and keep any eye out for a caddis hatch when cloudy and sulphurs in the afternoon.

Holston River:

Water level has been good and so has the fishing. Smallmouth is rocking down low and trout up top have been on caddis early and sulphurs in the afternoon.

South Holston and Watauga Rivers:

Watauga: Water levels are good but the fishing has been slow. Fish are being caught on squirmy worms, midges, bh pheasant tail soft hackles, and small adams. South Holston: Water levels are perfect, sluicing but wadable. Flies; Puff Daddys and small midges have been very effective. Long leaders are very important, water is low and clear so the fish have been picky.

Clinch River:

The generation schedule has been good lately and so has the fishing. Midges, BWO’s, sulphurs, and make sure to have plenty of split back nymphs.

Obey River:

The generation schedule has been fair but keep an eye for day-to-day changes. Midges are working well, white and gray buggers have been a go-to for early morning streamer swinging.

Mountain Streams:

Low and clear but dry fly fishing is as good as ever. Adams, stimulators, little yellow sallies, and small nymphs when fishing is tough. Getting in an extra effort to get to a spot will give you the river to yourself.

J. Percy Priest Lake:

Fishing has been slow in the lake with this hot weather. Sunrise is the ticket right now, carp and bluegill have been abundant during the day.

Old Hickory Lake:

Fishing has been slow in the lake with this hot weather. Fish are set up in the channel so look for drop offs and points to find fish.

Harpeth River and Its Tributaries:

Fish are moving but the hot water has got them a little slow mid-day. Early morning and late evenings are hot and the top water action is where you want it. Crawfish and low riding streamers during the day and top water patterns in the morning and afternoon.