Fly Tying Classes & Events




Poppers    Date: 4/14    Cost: $75

Join us for a Saturday of popper tying. We will cover everything from deer hair to painting foam with the Copic Marker Air Brush Kit.

Articulated Streamers    Date: 4/21    Cost: $55

Throughout the years streamer fishing has moved into the norm for a lot of fishermen. Articulated streamers are some of the most realistic of the streamer family and are as much fun to tie as they are to fish.

Deer Hair Bugs     Date: 4/28    Cost: $55

Spinning deer hair can be a daunting task when you haven’t been taught how easy it can be. Let us make being scared of tying and spinning deer hair a thing of the past.

Caney Fork Entomology  -ON THE WATER-   Date: 4/29    Cost: $85

This class looks at the river from top to bottom and side to side. We cover the length of the river to discover the aquatic life of the Caney Fork River. This is one of the most eye-opening classes we teach and will take you as an angler to the next level.


Carp / Skipjack / Buffalo/ Gar       Date: 5/5   Cost: $55

Some of the best fishing in our area is provided by what some uneducated anglers consider “trash fish”. We have been pioneers in developing fly fishing for alternative species. This class will teach some f our top producers for all of these species. If you plan on fishing our annual “Carp Masters Tournament” this class will give you head start.

How to fish the Caney Fork -ON THE WATER-  Date:5/6    Cost: $125

This class offers a key to help unlock some of the secrets of the Caney Fork River. We will examine the river itself, from the aquatic life to the substrate, to the micro currents and determine what is the optimal presentation for the situation. If you can only take one class, this is the one to take!!


Multi-Species Tournament        Date: June 1st-3rd

Details to come.


Carp Masters Tournament     Date: July 6th-8th

Details to come.


10x Tournament      Date: October 7th

Details to come.


-Call 615-341-0420 or email to sign up for classes-