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NEW – YETI Tank 45 and Lid

March 3, 2015

Tank 45

Just because your party is on the small side doesn’t mean it should suffer from warm drinks. The YETI Tank 45 will keep 56 cans or a pony keg of your favorite beer icy cold for your next beach day, cookout, jamboree or laid-back gathering. Just like its big brother the YETI Tank 85, the 45 ice bucket is built using a rotomolded design and polyurethane foam insulation for maximum ice retention, durability and puddle-free performance. And it features the same sturdy DoubleHaul™ Handles for easy moving whether empty or full. When the party’s over, a quick twist of the Vortex™ Drain Plug will have your TANK drained and ready for the next go-round. $199

Tank 45 Lid

The YETI Tank is a highly portable party machine designed for advanced beverage distribution, but how do you make it even better? Put a lid on it! Available for both the Tank 45 and Tank 85, the YETI Tank Lids are made of UV-resistant, marine-grade material letting you seal in the cold on your beloved party tub while you move it from place to place, and also transform it into an extra seat or cutting surface. But don’t do these at the same time. Lid for 45 – $39.99, lid for 85 – $49.99


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