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VOORMI CO-LAB Access Pullover

December 30, 2014


VOORMI’s CO-LAB Access Pullover is the ideal answer to the call of a cold aerobic day. The thinner and more breathable version of their SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool construction works in combination with highly air permeable side panels to keep the heat and sweat from brewing. Located in the heart of rugged Southern San Juan mountains, VOORMI has been working for years not only on sourcing the best in Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino™ wool, but also on the development of cutting edge propriety fabric technologies. These technologies represent what’s possible in the world of backcountry worthy fishing apparel. Unlike man-made fibers where texture is often artificially added to yarns, wool fiber itself comes straight from the source with a high degree of natural texture. Referred to as crimp, this “spring-like” property is what gives ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ it’s basic foundation of strength and resilience. The more crimp, the less tight the fibers can pack. Under a windproof shell, it means more insulation. As a stand-alone layer, it means more ability for much needed air to flush through the fabric. Simply put, textured fibers like those found in ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ mean better thermal regulation! $199.95


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