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July 1, 2013


Nu-Ice is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, re-usable freezer pack capable of maintaining a sub-zero temperature “charge” in a freezer or other insulated environment for up to 96 hours. This is accomplished by charging the pack to initiate the simple chemical reaction within the pack. The pack immediately begins to absorb energy (heat) and emit sub-zero temperatures once environment temperatures begin to rise. These packs are safe, environmentally friendly and re-usable up to five years. Nu-Ice packs are the ideal alternative for gas emitting dry ice. Additionally, Nu-Ice’s Phase Change Technology provides superior performance to traditional gel-packs that are water based and have a much sharper temperature discharge rate.

The Nu-Ice Ultimate Cooler Pak makes for a great cooler companion to keep contents cold and dry. Works great in lunch boxes, beach coolers, soft sided coolers and cold shipping. It also works well to extend the life of traditional bagged ice. Enjoy your recreational sports without the mess of melted ice. Try Nu-Ice!


5 lbs. Ultimate Cooler Pak – $29.99

2 lbs. Ultimate Cooler Pak – $19.99

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