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Scientific Anglers GPX Hover Fly Line

May 7, 2013


Whether you’re fishing for cutthroat or browns, rely on the Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Hover Fly Line when they’re feeding just below the surface of the water. Ideal for cold-water conditions, the GPX Hover cuts through wind with ease and excels at turning over bigger flies. $74.95

  • Ideal for cold-water conditions and great for both fresh and saltwater fly fishing
  • Line design lets you fish right under the surface of the water, even at slow retrieve speed
  • Half-size heavy for quick loading on fast-action rods
  • Line cuts through wind and turns over bigger flies with confidence
  • AST (Advance Shooting Technology) technology sheds dirt, algae, and particles, allowing the line to cast farther, float higher, and stay cleaner
  • Streamlined welded loops produce smooth casts, easy turnover, soft landing, clean pickups, and buoyancy
  • Line identification marking system allows you to identify your lines at a glance


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