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ECHO Prime One-Piece Saltwater Rods

January 17, 2013


When designing the new ECHO Prime rods, Tim Rajeff worked to create a rod that’s so light and responsive it makes your fingers tingle. The use of the latest materials, combined with a fast action and, of course, the one-piece blank, help create loops so tight they disappear and then reappear 100 feet later. The rods are 8 feet 10 inches long, which help the caster come through the stroke quicker than a nine-foot rod. It’s kind of like a batter choking up on the bat to help hit a fast ball. The shorter length also allows you to quickly go from fly in the hand to hitting the nose of a permit at 75 feet. If it swims in salt water, it’s a Prime target. 100% guaranteed to not come apart when you are casting to the fish of a lifetime. Comes complete with Cordura covered triangle full length rod tube and special “One Piece” lifetime warranty. $450


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