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Golf Great Johnny Miller In Da House!!

June 6, 2012

I have to admit my golf expertise doesn’t extend much past the photo collage of Tiger’s extra-curricular activities I have posted on the inside of my closet door but it was an honor to take Johnny Miller and his posse fly fishing on the Caney.

A Google search educated me to the fact that Johnny Miller was the man!! Amassing 25 PGA Tour wins and a total of 32 Professional wins including a U.S. Open Title. He was in Nashville recently to make an appearance at the Vinny and needed to get his fly fishing jones fixed. Seems Mr. Miller is quite the accomplished fly fisherman, having fished all over and often.

Saturday was the day, which is not my favorite on the Caney. Canoes, kayaks, johnboats and all other sort of floating devises all trying to do what we were, have some fun and catch some fish. But crowds to the Nth degree, well, you know. Fortunately our boats were packed with positive attitudes and skill. Everyone in the group managed to catch fish and Johnny reveled to me his secret desire to be a guide. At one point he hopped out of the boat like a jackrabbit to drag us over a shoal. He even passed on to me a deadly two fly combo he’s used out West quite a bit, the Ham and Eggs.

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  1. jdonashville permalink
    June 6, 2012 6:12 pm

    Wow! That’s golfing royalty right there. Before he became one of the best golf announcers in the business, he tore up the PGA tour in the 70’s and won both the U.S. and British Opens. Pretty cool.

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