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Belize Recap

May 31, 2012

We went, we saw, we got wet… You can plan, plan, plan but you can’t control the weather. I was so psyched leading up to the trip that it never dawned on me to check up on the most basic thing until a world traveling customer asked me about the weather. When I pulled up the radar my heart sank. I had never seen a band of weather so large and the report was, it was staying put for a while. No matter, me along with my two compadres were locked in weather be damned.

Luke, Wade and I hit that fishery with enough tackle and Gore-Tex to be successful in any conditions. It rained on us alot, everyday. At times, a blinding, pelting, stinging rain that left us dead in the water but during the breaks, fish on. We caught a wide variety of fish, snappers, jacks, barracuda, plenty of bonefish and one trigger fish that was so angry at getting foul-hooked it bit a plug out of Luke’s hand.

Belize is a wonderful country, everyone is friendly and speaks English. There is a world of water to fish there, flats, lagoons, rivers and a host of lodges and guides to help you with whatever you want to fish for. If you are thinking about going stop by the shop and pick our brains,well be glad to help. In the meantime, here are a couple of pics from this trip…

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