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No B.S. Product Review

May 10, 2012

I just got a pair of Redington Sonic-Pro waders and a pair of Korkers wading boots with the BOA lacing system and I put them to the test down on the Elk yesterday. First things first, fishing report. It rained most of the morning and the water below the dam was fairly stained and as we pushed on around the big bend it didn’t improve. Fortunately my clients were able to pull out several rainbows and brookies. We then moved further down river and the water clarity didn’t improve much but the rain tapered. Several more fish were brought to hand and everyone had a great time. Now…

I pulled my new Redington Sonic-Pro’s and Korkers boots out of their boxes letting the paper and all that cardboard scatter with the wind!! No, not really, it’s all still pilled up in the back of my truck with who knows what else. I can’t help when I’m tearing new shoes and the like out of their box to pull them up to my nose and take a big wiff of newness. I must be over my epoxy asphyxiation because I sure do love the smell of new plastic and chemicals.

I’ve been wearing the same brand of waders for the last 15 years so I was a little concerned about how the Sonic-Pro’s would fit, especially since I didn’t try them on before I got to the river. Thankfully they fit perfectly and the biggest plus of all they didn’t leak. At the end of the day I’d score the waders, two thumbs up. They are put together very well and on first wearing seem very durable. They breath very well and I definitely like the pocket configuration. I only noticed two “things”. The neoprene feet seemed thiner than my other waders, which was only noticeable while I wasn’t wearing my boots. I don’t know the thickness of either pair really, Monroe could tell you for sure, and I’m sure you could debate either way is best. All I know is I could feel the gravel under my stocking feet more with the Redington’s. Also, I had a bit of a hard time hooking the gravel guard to the Korkers. Whether that was a function of my fat belly or the fat plastic clip on the waders and small metal ring on the boots I’m not sure but I did get them hooked.

My Korkers with the rubber soles were like Air Jordan Heelys. Please allow me to explain. I’m told the kids shoes with the wheels in the heels are Heelys and I’m taking for granted everyone knows what Air Jordan’s are. The Korkers are the lightest and most comfortable wading boots I’ve ever had, really like walking in some great high-tops. They are the first wading boots I’ve had with rubber bottoms and since they haven’t run water on the Elk in a long time, it’s a little slimy. Combine the two for one giant slip and slid. Fortunately the Korkers come with two soles and I had the felt in my truck. I know the arguments and If I traveled to a bunch of different rivers I’d be pushing rubber soles but since I don’t, felt is good, real good. The BOA lacing system is awesome!! Push in the knob and turn it to tighten and just pull it out and they are loose. Great for a fat guy like me. But, this is also where their only con comes in, I’m a fat guy with fat feet and little ankles. I can find no way to customize the tightness. With lace up boots I can pull them tighter up top. This didn’t pose a problem for me but I did notice it.

After my initial wearing I can highly recommend both products. The Redington Sonic-Pro waders fit well, were very comfortable, breathed well and most importantly kept me dry. The Korkers, very comfortable, light and multiple sole options equals great boots. I’ll keep getting them wet and let you know how they do…

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