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Deep Water Cay Bahamas

November 18, 2011

I recently got back from a long weekend of Bonefishing at Deep Water Cay Lodge in the Bahamas. DWC is located in the middle of about 250 square miles of fishable flats and while I was there we seemed to have them to ourselves. The lodge has 10 brand new Hells Bay Flats Skiffs that were made for just this type of fishery.

The lodge is located on a private island just a short boat ride from Grand Bahama. DWC also has it’s own airstrip so if you have your own plane or want to charter one you can land right on the property.

The lodge itself my be the finest appointed lodge I have ever been to. The grounds are immaculate, the cottages are more than comfortable, they are really nice. I can go on and on like some kind of brochure but they have a terrific web site for that. I’m gonna break it down Pumpkin style.

First, you we I go to these places to fish and they are set up for it. Ten Hells Bay skiffs tricked out for the flats, a fishing manager, Todd who knows whats up and a legacy of guides that is hard to match. My guide was William Pinder who’s father Sr. was Joe Brooks guide when he caught the first recorded bonefish on a fly in the Keys. William had no problem spotting and getting us to the fish and his demeanor on the polling platform was the best. I’ve been away from saltwater fishing for several years and with a little front coming thru and a fair amount of chop on the water, early on, I wasn’t the best at spotting fish but if you just listen to William, 12 o’clock 50 feet, good strip strip strip STOP strip STOP strip strip SET FISH ON!!! You get the picture. I never saw my first fish, a six pound bone, till I was almost in the boat after two 100 plus yard runs into my backing. I alway love seeing all that backing out of the reel!

Second, food. If you know me you know I eat like a 3 year old but this place has got it down. A dude named George Jackson is the food and beverage manager, and generally made sure I was comfortable the whole time I was there. George owned and operated two successful restaurants in Savannah GA and Hilton Head before he came to DWC and every meal was delicious. I never once had to break into my stash of beef jerky and power bars.

Third Fishing;

I know, I know but that’s what it’s all really about isn’t it?

I fished one day with Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures and Confluence Films. Jim is a great dude and this is the second time we’ve shown up at the same lodge at the same time and fished together. The picture above is a very nice permit Jim caught and that is William holding the permit. My day didn’t go so well but let me say, thank goodness I was there. Jim’s fishing partner Ian Davis was in another skiff and had 99% of Jim’s gear. When William spotted some Permit, it of course was Jim’s time on the bow, he needed tippet and flies. I of course had the stuff he needed, a little 15 pound fluorocarbon and an Enrico Puglisi Permit Crab fly all purchased right here in little ol’ Nashville Tennessee at Fly South.

After a quick re-rig and a little of Williams strip strip STOP strip strip SET, 40 minuets later I took this picture. It takes a team!!

Deep Water Cay is a fantastic lodge located right in the middle of some very productive water. It is first class all the way around and I can’t wait to go back. I want to thank DWC and their National Accounts Manager Chris Pipes for having me down and our Sage Rep. Raz Reid for putting us together. Raz also lent me a new Sage ONE for the trip which lived up to the hype. Thank-you.

Fly South is a booking agent for Deep Water Cay and if you’d like to see more pictures from my trip stop by the shop and I’ll show them to you. If you want to go to DWC we can help arrange everything for you. Also, we will be running a shop-led trip down later in 2012 so stay tuned. Peace.


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  1. Jeff Bambling permalink
    March 22, 2012 7:04 pm

    Interested in the 2012 trip please let me know details.

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