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It really is “The One”

September 9, 2011

I just returned Missoula where I put the new Sage One through a rigorous test on some of Montana’s top trout fisheries. The six weight “One” was the rod of choice for the Big Sky test coupled with a Waterworks ULA reel. The three ounce Waterworks balanced nicely with the three ounce rod. This combo made for a extremely light weight fish whacking machine. At six ounces plus a fly line this set up was a pleasure to cast all day with no fatigue. This time of year in Montana the normal drill is to chunk some junk early, watch for trico sippers, and then switch to a hopper and dropper mid day and push them down stream hitting the seams and foam lines as you go. This scenario would generally require at least a couple rods in the boat to cover all the bases.
Not any longer! This rod is the all purpose, all situation, any time, any where machine. It is the official fly rod of Seal Team Six (Just Kidding).
The six weight “One” handled ten foot casts to eighty foot casts with size 2 to size 22 flies, and tippets from 0x to 6x without any issues.
It is truly the perfect fishing tool, it is the “One”

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