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This Old Boat, Revisited

July 13, 2011

The Hazmat team finally got the Fly South Boatwerks building aired out and I’ve gotten back to work on the old girl. Here are some photos showing the reinstallation of the front floor riser, the striping deck and the front seat. Getting these pieces screwed back into the boat wasn’t all that difficult of a process, even for me.

She’s startin to look pretty good,right!? My excitement is definitely building and I should only be about a week away from having a trailer so I can get her wet. Now, I want to share a few pictures from the boats earlier days. My main man Scott Rodgers of The Creel fame from Knoxville passed these photos along to me. The first one is of me and Paul Utterback showing off the only trophy we got on the river that day. It was very, very cold and the Clinch was very, very high that day and we were more out for a float/beer drink/fish fry than anything, which I’ll have another picture of next time. Second pic just shows off the ingenuity of the group surrounding this boat. Lose an anchor, maybe just forget it at home? No never-mind, a big ‘0l rock will suffice. And last for the day but certainly not least “FLASHDANCE OF THE RIVER” or simply “RIVERDANCE”!! Formost in the photo, original owner and original builder of this old boat Mike Bone (fly fishing guide extraordinaire from East Tennessee). And in all his “headband” glory, defender of the environment and native Nashvillian, David Buxbaum. Although he may never live this photo down, he’s just glad you can’t see his sequined, spandex dance pants he has on. Did anyone notice the nice rainbow Mike is holding? All these guys have spent a lot of time in this boat catching fish, drinking beer and having the times of their lives. I’ve even heard rumor of some other “stuff” happening, Paul… How old IS Grayson?

I am glad we are all going to continue having the time of our lives floating rivers and catching fish. There is something very relaxing about these simple floats. Funny how oars can get you far away from your hectic fast paced lives faster than any outboard.

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  1. James B. permalink
    July 15, 2011 8:28 am

    Holy Crap! Buxbaum looks like he’s in a Richards Simmons video, circa 1982 in that photo. Dang hippie lawyers!

    Boat looks like it’s coming along nicely. Let’s try to sink it soon.


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