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This Old Boat Part Deux…

May 28, 2011

THE TITANIC HAD SMALLER HOLES!! That’s not true but wood rot has a funny way of hampering a boats ability to float. The years in dry storage have not totally ravaged the old girl and I’m making some progress. I scraped all the rot I could find out with a screwdriver then hit it with a wire brush. A thick coat of Elmer’s Wood Rot Stabilizer was then applied. All of that seemed to go without incident. Then comes the epoxy. But let me back up just a second. I have a lot of great friends, people to lend me sanders, heat guns, mixing cups, trailers and even a fine garage to work in along with well-wishers galore. All of whom have an opinion. If I had gotten this type of input when I started fly-fishing I would be the King of the Fly-Fishing World now. At one point I had no less than eight well wishers standing around my old wooden boat telling me exactly what I needed to do to get her sea-worthy again. Some ideas included complete disassembly and a rebuild with new parts, another was to rhino line the bottom and fiberglass the whole inside, Frankensteining this old wooden gem into some kind of morphed new high-tech rig. As luck would have it, opinions do not equal elbow grease. So, as I continue on my own renegade handyman path I have to remember, scars add character.


I am no epoxy-smith. I was told after stabilizing the rot I should fill the holes with epoxy and that I should cut up some fiberglass very fine and mix it in with the epoxy to give it structural integrity. Well, I may have gone overboard in this department. Imagine lumpy oatmeal, hard lumpy oatmeal. And these oats ain’t sandin. I don’t think an industrial grinder could smooth out these lumps!! But, the holes are filled and they may now be the strongest spots on the boat. I’m going to try to put a couple of leveling layers of plain epoxy over the lumps to try to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it works or not, I’m going with the idea that if scars add character so do lumps.


I have broken down and ordered me a fancy custom-built trailer to haul this sweet thing around with and I plan on having her ready for the water by the time the trailer is ready so check back to see my progress…

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